Inuit. (August 2016)

1. Aput
“Snow on the ground”

2. Skriniya
“Snow that never reaches the ground”

3. Bluwid
“Snow that is shaken down from objects in the wind”

4. Talini
“Snow angels”


It Is Our Light, Not Our Darkness. (December 2015)

1. Summer Solstice

2. A Pre-Lucid Dream

3. Starling Flocks

4. For You, My Love

Credits :

All music composed, recorded, mixed
and mastered by Pieter Vermeyen
except for:
Guitars in ‘Talini’: Tom Vermeyen
Vocals in ‘Talini’: Helena Van Bauwel
Poem in ‘Bluwid’: Mary Elizabeth Frye



Mångata. (June 2017)


Drømme. (December 2016)


Deep In The Woods. (May 2016)


Special thanks:

Helena, my love
Bart & Hildegard, my parents
Tom, my brother
Emmanuela Van Hove
Bram Van Camp
Michiel De Vry